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Robb Austin and Elliott Curson sometimes blend their talents and work together on advertising projects.

In a typical political commercial, candidates are often shown with youngsters, stirring background music, and a narrator saying something to the effect, “He’s one of us.”

While these “name i.d.” spots mention the candidate’s name and show what he or she looks like, they tend to have little effect in a race particularly if there is strong opposition.  Most commercials fail to set an agenda or define issues. They rarely give voters a real sense of what the candidate stands for.

Too often candidates’ commercials have no impact. Voters forget them. They’re boring and say nothing.  Technically they can be great -- but if the content isn’t remembered – they are useless and a waste of your money.

More often than not these candidates lose -- and they can’t figure out why.

We won’t waste your money on “name i.d. spots.”  Our commercials stand for something. They tell the voters emotionally where you stand on the issues. They set an agenda and will put your opponent on the defensive. So-called “negative” commercials aren’t negative at all. They contrast positions. That’s what campaigns are supposed to do.  They will be done creatively and stir the emotions of the voters -- that’s what advertising is suppose to do.

Robb and Elliott's commercials withstand the scrutiny of a questioning press. But they are effective because they are creative, and keep the voters eye on the point. And they will be different.