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Congressman Boehner Poised to be House Speaker

August 27, 2010

Very few people in the country know the name of John Boehner.

He is a congressman from the 8th District of Ohio, and in fact, soon, many in the country will know his name. The current Republican leader in the House, he will be better known as the man who replaced Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

As the economy worsens with each passing day, the Republicans are poised to pick up dozens and dozens of House seats, and it is almost certain, the Democrats will lose control of the big majority they now have in the lower chamber of Congress.

As such, the Republicans will name the next House Speaker, and with it, control of the majorities on House Committees, and the movement and passage of all legislation.

President Barrack Obama will soon be forced to walk-the-walk – not just talk-the-talk – in terms of implementing his vision for change in Washington. He will be forced to compromise, or see his policies and agenda come to an abrupt and immediate halt.

Voters have had enough of the President’s spending spree which most believe has only deepened our chances of an economic recovery any time soon.

Still, this did not stop Vice President Joseph Biden from lashing out at Congressman Boehner this week for remarks the Republican leader made regarding the President’s handling of the economy.

The congressman said President Obama should work with Republicans to extend the 2003 Bush tax cuts, and immediately seek the resignation of his key economic advisers.

“The prospect of higher taxes, stricter rules, and more regulations has employers sitting on their hands. We’ve tried 19 months of government-as-community organizer, and it hasn’t worked,” Congressman Boehner said.

“The President should ask for, and accept, the resignations of the remaining members of his economic team, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers (head of the National Economic Council).

The Ohio Congressman went on to say that private employers are sitting on their hands because of the economic uncertainty created by Obama economic policies, and because of the prospect of higher taxes next year.

Vice President Biden took offense to these remarks, and said that for eight years before Obama took office, that Congressman Boehner and the Republicans “ran the economy and the middle class, literally, into the ground.”

Meanwhile, more bad economic news was announced just today. Home sales fell this week 27 percent in July, the steepest one-month decline in the history of record keeping, dating back to 1968.

As the budget deficit soars, the public remains skeptical that President Obama’s policies, namely government spending to jump-start the economy, will have any chance of improving economic conditions.

Still, the White House maintains it is “not out of bullets” to help the economy and steadfastly points out that there is a great deal of economic stimulus spending that has yet to take place. The White House is also hoping to help small business with incentives to hire, and wants to provide tax rebates to homeowners who invest in renewable energy projects.

The next House Speaker was not impressed. “The American people are asking, where are the jobs”, Congressman Boehner rhetorically asked.