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Obama Amazing in His Own Ineptness

June 15, 2012

President Barack Obama continues to amaze me with the ineptness of his presidency, and his political campaign.

Despite the pledge in 2008 to be a President for all citizens, pronouncing there is no “Red States” or “Blue States”, only a “United States”, he continues to divide the nation along economic, political, and cultural lines.

As I have stated in my column a few times, dating back to December of 2010 (Obama Reelection in 2012 will be Tricky - December 28, 2010), without an immediate change in his divisive rhetoric, the President has no chance of being re-elected.

Voters don’t respond to bitterness, or candidates who blame others.

However, as in all presidential campaigns, the election will swing back and forth between now and November, as voters are reluctant to publicly state they plan to toss out an incumbent President.

This occurred in the 1980 re-election campaign of President Jimmy Carter, arguably one of the worst Presidents the country has ever endured. Polls continually showed that election to be nip-and-tuck through the summer and fall leading up to the General Election.

At the end, voters turned to Ronald Reagan in a landslide.

By any objective analysis, President’s Obama’s support is very narrow. It is essentially made up of urban liberals, Hispanics, and African Americans. He remains somewhat popular among idealistic young voters, but he is losing those individuals daily, and by Election Day, it will be in droves.

He has lost the complete middle of the country, white men, independent and moderate women, and much of the youth vote. Should Hispanics abandon him; this election too, will be a landslide.

Stu Spencer, former political strategist for Ronald Reagan, believed it wasn’t necessary to look at a poll to know how a candidate was faring; he believed one could “feel a winning campaign.”

Using the Spencer theory, President Obama’s chances are bleak. Voter enthusiasm at campaign appearances feel more manufactured than genuine as he continues to make excuses about the dismal state of the economy. His message is pathetic and he acts weak and inept.

His claim that the economy is "the other guy's fault," has reached crucial mass among voters; they simply don’t care what he has to say. They don’t hold him accountable for causing the recession but they elected him to fix it.

That’s where he’s failed miserably; making things worse, and dividing the country more. 

Sadly, like Jimmy Carter, he will be personae non gratae for Democrats in future elections, despite being a historic figure as the first elected African American President of the United States.

Now, could this column lead to a “reverse jinx” of sorts, and economic conditions miraculously turn around, along with the President’s political fortunes?

We shall see, but I hardly think so.