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Remembering a Smiling Girl Named Amy Elisabeth Edgerton

July 3, 2013

Images have a powerful effect. They inspire us to larger thoughts and ideas.

A year ago, an image in The Washington Post caught my eye, from the Obituary Page of all places. It was a black and white photograph of a pretty girl named Amy Elisabeth Edgerton.

The grainy photograph stuck with me. It’s a happy picture, but at the same time, haunting. One can’t tell much from a single photograph, but it seems to be taken from her high school graduation, or perhaps a sweet sixteen party. 

I picked up the July 3rd edition of The Post this week. In the obituary section was the same tribute to Amy Edgerton, the one I’d seen in The Post last July 3rd. Her smiling photograph captures a happy life; of one being loved; although not fully realized. She was 17 when she died on July 3, 1987, the homage read.

There is a poem in the tribute. It reads:

Look at the Stars, how they shine and glow,

Some of the stars died a long time ago.

Still they shine in the evening skies,

For you see starlight, like love, never dies.

These are beautiful words.

Though her days were cut short, Amy inspires us to appreciate the life we do have.

That’s her gift to us.