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Reagan to Romney: Coming Full Circle

August 27, 2014

Some say Mitt Romney had his chance at being President, but here's where that's not exactly right.

While he may not want to make another run at the Presidency, the idea that he's a 'twice loser' is not correct.

Mitt Romneys' quest is similar to Ronald Reagan, who ran for President three times (1968, 1976, & 1980) before winning the confidence of voters and the White House in 1980.

Romney's first Presidential run (2008) can be discounted much the same way that Reagan's first run (1968) can be discounted. For both, it was their first foray into national politics (Reagan's famous 1964 speech for Goldwater was not an elective effort for national office). Also for both, it raised their national stature among voters (but hardly served as a bonafide loss for President).

Both Reagan and Romney do claim genuine, heartbreaking losses for President (1976 & 2012 respectfully) in their second quest for the White House. Similarly, the country saw both as much better choices (Carter & Obama) after the fact.

This is where these two men may take different historical paths. Reagan remained steadfast in his belief that he had the right vision for the country and had the personal fortitude not to give up.

We don't know if Romney will make the same choice nor do we know if he has the personal strength of Ronald Reagan. Many, including myself, believes he does.

The country missed opportunities in 1976 and 2012 to elect the right man. It corrected itself in 1980 and never looked back.The question is whether it has the humility and wisdom to do it again in 2016.

And, whether Mitt Romney believes that it does.