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Happy Birthday Jackson!

August 15, 2015

This is about my horse Jackson.

He turned 31 on August 1 - that's 96 in human years.

Originally named "Sarge," I changed it to "Jackson" 15 years ago after reading a book about Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson. It was more fitting. He is too Regal to be a "Sarge," thus the promotion in name and rank.

Jackson taught this boy to ride. He kept us safe; never tossed me from the saddle; was quiet, sure-footed, and patient on the trail. His one vice was knowing all-too-well when we were headed home and showing his excitement all the way back to the barn.

Most remembered will be our night rides during full moons. These were thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Jackson was brilliant; forever calm when crossing fields and streams, and always taking extra care of where we were going.

Jackson never asked for much but was cautious around things he didn't understand. But mostly, he did whatever I asked of him and he did it gladly.

He was a ladies man and had two loves in his life: Wildfire, who sadly was put down too early, and Wildfire's foal Sable, who I found and brought back from West Virginia shortly after Wildfire died.

I've always believed Jackson and Sable know quite well how their lives intertwine, and why, and it warms my heart everyday.

Jackson is long retired now, we stopped riding seven years ago. He's blind in one eye; walks well but can't run; and it's hard to keep his weight up. But he seems pain-free, happy, and enjoys each day, never moving too far from his "girl", Sable.

At 31, not a bad life, not bad at all.

Happy Birthday Jackson, you are the best!