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Why not hire the best.

Robb Austin approaches political consulting with a different perspective.  Robb knows what it’s like to be a candidate - and win.  He doesn't rely on stale campaign approaches - and he won't need a 'focus group' to tell you where things are going right and where things are going wrong.

He believes most campaigns spend too much on things they don't need - and do not make a difference in the outcome of the race.

Robb has consulted on dozens of congressional and senatorial campaigns and understands better than anyone what needs to be done to put your opponent on the defensive and for you to be able to set the agenda the whole way through. This comes from experience and the guts to do things differently.

He knows how and when to implement a strategy and understands that timing can be everything. Most campaigns are boring and textbook - they make the candidate feel good - but motion isn't progress. There's little wonder that most every challenger and first-time candidates fail.

Winning elections against long odds and bringing Democrat voters into the fold is what Robb does best. Conservative weekly Human Events once said of Robb, "(Austin) is campaign manager par excellence, a former Democratic state legislator whose specialty is wooing conservative Democrats to the GOP fold."

Robb knows that anyone can win - and under the right circumstances anyone can be beaten. 

The bottom line is winning an election is not hard - picking the right consultant is. ---

Why not hire the best.