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The best defense is a good offense.

Robb will help you avoid problems before they become big expensive issues.  He can implement an effective community relations outreach project that positions you to forecast a potential crisis, and quickly respond to either the reality or perception. Our goal is to ensure that you will avoid problems before they become serious issues.

Robb specializes in offering strategic counsel  to those who have challenging public perception difficulties.  He's earned a reputation as a hard-working and full-service communicationsperson that thrives on assisting industries in implementing media outreach programs.

Shaping the public’s perception of an issue and moving public opinion is typically the goal. Robb will work to target and mobilize partner constituencies to influence opinion leaders, elected officials, reporters, editors, and the broadcast media.

He wants to take on tough issues.  To assist in launching creative media messages, design and implement issue-oriented media strategies, and build bridges with non-traditional allies to broaden a client’s reach.

He wants to help.