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Robb offers unparalleled media relations with reporters and editors across the mid-Atlantic region, including the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington D. C.

He has working contacts with both print and broadcast reporters to get your company’s message out.  He offers real insight into how journalists think because our principals are former working journalists and we understand how members of the media work. Robb can assist you in getting your message across in the state Capitols of Harrisburg, Annapolis, Trenton, or on the national level.

Robb also knows how to place news stories.  How to localize a message.  We coordinate our efforts with your local employees or members and will work closely with those individuals to deliver the message concisely.  We also specialize in sophisticated yet practical media training to prepare your employees/members to meet individually with the media.

Robb understands that in order for you to grow your business you must be proactive in your dealings with the media.  Sometimes this also involves cross-strategies with members of the legislature.

Bring Robb your issue.  Bring him your problem.  He wants to help you.